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Suggested Donation -  $75  Lux Reading

This is a thorough reading including two questions and two bonus oracle cards.  I may include The Rose Reading, Celtic Cross and or other layouts, depending on the flow.  

- Formulate your one or two questions so that they are clear and simple.  Next, Choose one of these Bonus Oracles for each question: 

Angel- Loving guidance
Fairy- One powerful word from the Elementals
Sacred Celtic Tree- Wise counsel from the Green Man and the Gaelic alphabet
Animal- Animal behavior and physical traits speak volumes
Mineral- Both a message and a suggested crystal to work further with.

- Also include your sex:  Male, Female, or other identifier.  Send your birthdate or horoscope signs and where you live if you wish - all that is optional, but helpful.
- PLUS: You will receive an answer to follow up questions for clarity and focus.   
-I use a slightly modified Rider-Waite style deck and work with my guides, your guides, crystals, a candle and prayer during your reading.   Every reading is sealed from the outset with a prayer insuring that I commune only with your guide team and no other entities except those they allow to be involved in the question and answer session.  

Suggested Donation  $100 The Rose Reading - Great for Gifting!
A 12 month Spread that resembles rose petals surrounding you the Seeker and a main question.  Each petal represents the impulse for a month.   Includes a Bonus Oracle card and  a Follow Up.  C
hoose a Rose color for yourself or as a Gift, or let the recipient choose theirs:
Red Rose -Passionate Love, Golden Rose -Friendship and Family, Silver Rose -Past Lives, Green Rose -Career and Money, Rainbow Rose -LGTB, Blue Rose -Rare Finds and TravelsAmber Rose -Karmic Path, Violet Rose -For Artists and Poets, Rosebud -Infants, Children and Youth, White Rose -Any Question. 

Suggested Donation US $30  Quickie Question
- For RETURNING Customers
1 specific question for clarity on a matter.  Bonus Oracle card included.  Brief Follow Up.

Other Decks and Readings offered, upon request:
Russian Gypsy Tarot Reading - Suggested Donation $130 
Madame LeNormond Reading- Suggested Donation $130

I Ching - Suggested Donation $100 - Question must be worded as "What will be the result of/if X______"  or "What can I expect if X____" or similar style. 
Fairy Tarot Reading For Babies, Children and Youth - Suggested $50 < Fun Gift Idea.

Readings Make Wonderful Gifts Too!
Both you and your Gifted One will receive a special notification of the gift by email,  Gifts can be a Lux or a selected Rose Reading, or maybe a Caritas Gift Coin in a dollar amount which leaves them free to choose.  As with all readings, 10% will go to the Caritas Fund to gift others with readings as well.

Free and Discounted Readings - BEFORE requesting a free reading, please read the following and incorporate what is asked into your request.

 -If you are in a situation of financial difficulty, please write with an amount you can afford for a discounted reading, or request the next available free reading.  Also include your two questions plus your oracle choices, sex identifier, astro signs/date of birth if you like, AND your idea for paying forward your reading by deed/s you can offer in the world (see the What is Caritas? section).
- Free readings will be given in the order received, please be patient and trust in divine timing! 

-Please Note: I do not generally conduct readings during Moon voids and on Mercury Retrograde transition days.

Donation Readings:

Free Readings:  

-Scroll Down for the Contact Form

-Donate via PAY PAL
1. By emailing to:

2. Or Use This Link - 
Chessa "Lumenessa" La Marchessa - yes, its me!       
3.  Or use this scan

At this time I only accept Pay Pal.  

-You can expect your reading within a timely manner after payment is received. 
- 10% of your donation will be added to the Caritas Fund - scroll down to see the fund tracker.   You can also designate a larger percentage to go to the fund if you donate over $100.00.  (Example: Send $125 and designate $25 to the fund.)

Charity Holds the Flame of Christ
Charity Holds the Flame of Christ

The Caritas Fund philosophy explained here 
So far, two $100 Caritas fund readings have been gifted. 

I look forward to doing many more.

To Join The Queue For a Free Caritas Fund Reading Please Use This Form:

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