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Suggested Donation -  $75  Lux Reading

-2 questions
-2 bonus oracle cards.  

I use a modified Rider-Waite style deck and work with my guides, your guides, crystals, a candle and prayer during your reading.  Every reading is sealed from the outset with a prayer insuring that I commune only with your guide team and no other entities except those they allow to be involved in the question and answer session.

I suggest that you ALSO request that your guides (higher self, angels, etc) work through me in your reading and that no other entities be involved except who your guides allow. It is good for you to go through this process, even if you are not used to communicating with your guides.

Formulate Your Questions

1. Formulate your one or two questions so that they are clear and simple - I do not want a paragraph of background information.  Be concise.

2. Yes or No questions aren't always the best.  You might ask - what will be the result for me if I do X, or
 if I do not do X.   Another method is to ask "How does X view me?", or "What will be the result if I continue on with X  (relationship, job, plan for travel, etc)

Bonus Oracles

Which Bonus Oracle you are drawn to, for each question: 

Angel - Loving guidance - I have a wide range of angel decks.  I'll chose for you.
Fairy - One powerful word from the Elementals.
Celtic Tree - Wise counsel from the Green Man tradiition and Gaelic alphabet.
Animal- al tAnimal behavior and physical traits can speak volumes.

Mineral - Both a message and a suggested crystal to work further with.
Rune - Works very well with men, and those drawn to this tradition.

Include Your SexBirthdate, Current general location is helpful

Follow Up

As part of your reading without further charge,  y
ou will receive an answer to follow up questions for clarity and focus.   It is up to you to ask for follow up on 1 or 2 areas that you need clarified, if this is the case.  Ask for follow up within 24-48 hours of receiving your reading.  After that time period has elapsed, follow up may not be available.   


I sincerely hope you are moved to write your thoughts and feelings about your reading when you've had a chance to go over it and let it sink in.  Often, sleeping on the information you have taken in helps to clarify a reading's overall impact and message.   I really appreciate knowing how a reading has worked for you.  Heartfelt and constructive criticism is appreciated as it helps me improve my work.  So please plan on concluding your reading experience with some form of reading review if possible, even if it is at a later date when your reading has had time to come to pass.

Suggested Donation  $75 The Rose Reading
 Great for Gifting!
A 12 month Spread that resembles rose petals surrounding you the Seeker and a main question.  Each petal represents the impulse for a month.   Includes a Bonus Oracle card and  a Follow Up.  

Suggested Donation US $30  Quickie Question - For RETURNING Customers Only. 
1 specific question for clarity on a matter.  Bonus Oracle card included.  Follow Up included.

Other Decks and Readings offered, upon request:
Russian Gypsy Tarot Reading - Suggested Donation $125 
Madame LeNormond Reading- Suggested Donation $125

I Ching - Suggested Donation $100 - Question must be worded as "What will be the result of/if X______"  or "What can I expect if X____" or similar style. 
Fairy Tarot Reading For Babies, Children and Youth - Suggested $40 < Fun Gift Idea.

Readings Make Wonderful Gifts 
Both you and your Gifted One will receive a special notification of the gift by email,  Gifts can be a Lux or a selected Rose Reading, or maybe a Caritas Gift Coin in a dollar amount which leaves them free to choose.  

­čî┐Apollo Day Readings in Honor of the Ancient Delphic Tradition -

Readings are always gratis on Apollo's Day - find out when this is on my blog. You are expected to do the necessary prep work by phrasing an appropriate, thoughtful question or two, and providing your birthday, sex, general location, bonus oracle card choices AND your idea for paying forward your reading by deed/s you can offer in the world (see the What Is Caritas? section).  Asking nicely also helps - people often contact me for a free reading without ever saying "please" or "thank you".  You do not need to provide details about your situation, please.  But, a heartfelt request inspires me and adds to the cosmic tip jar.  Always approach any oracle with consideration and care and a prayer that the information you receive comes through your personal guides and no other entities allowed.

Discounted Readings - 
 -If you are in an emergency situation with financial difficulty, please write with an amount you can afford for a discounted reading, or wait for the next Apollo Day readings.  Always include your two questions plus your oracle choices, sex/location and date of birth, AND your idea for paying forward your reading by deed/s you can offer in the world (see the What is Caritas? section).
- Free readings will be given in the order received, please be patient and trust in divine timing! 

-Please Note: I do not generally conduct readings during Moon voids and on Mercury Retrograde transition days.
Caritas Fund:
$30 Credit Available

-Scroll Down for the Contact Form.  Please read through this page before contacting me, and follow the instructions given.  

-Donate via PAY PAL
1. By emailing to:

At this time I only accept Pay Pal.  

-You can expect your reading within a timely manner after payment is received. 
- 10% of your donation will be added to the Caritas Fund.

Charity Holds the Flame of Christ
Charity Holds the Flame of Christ

The Caritas Tarot philosophy is explained here.
So far, five Caritas Fund readings have been gifted by putting 10% of paid readings aside.  When $100 is reached, the Caritas Fund reading is gifted.  

I look forward to doing many more.

To contact Lumenessa:

General Contact Email:

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