I think when you do my readings, you are able to see a lot in my past. It's very interesting!  Thank you again for your insights! And thanks to your spirit guides!


Good Lord that was incredible! Right now I am at a loss for words other than you were and are spot on!

-Duchess of Boondock

Wow, thanks Lumenessa! I found this reading accurate and poetic. Thank you for your warm and insightful reading -     I am impressed.

- Alberto 

Thank you for your gift...Many things you read were close or spot on in regards to me and my life and my friend!

- Cathy

The reading is mindblowingly accurate, very very much so actually...  

- VirtueRo

The reading was lovely. Thank you for spending the time to do such a thorough reading for me, lots of layers to sift through. I'm sure I will be referring back to this reading in the future.  

- Blue Alchemist

Thank you so much again for my reading and uplifting my spirits. I can't help but smile as I write this, and I'm grateful that mine was the first reading you did for 2022.  - Satnam

  Absolutely awesome Thank you Chessa Lumenessa La Marchessa,
you picked up on so much Even things I was in denial about.   - Nathalie

Thank you for your beautiful gifts, and the clarity in which you convey the messages. -   Jonna

This resonates, thank You for the hope!  I feel like it hasnĀ“t been stolen and the justice will be served.  

Love, Aja
I thought You'd like to hear You were accurate on your reading when I asked about our case. Justice was on our side and the prosecutor dismissed the lawsuit. -  Aja

Thank you for the reading. You are really amazing! I did not expect an answer so precise.   - Joan

First, let me thank you Lumenessa so much for this reading, I have never had a reading done and find it extremely interesting how you were able to touch on so many things so close to home. 

-  Jojo Bean

@lumenessa this was my first reading and I'm very impressed!


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